Educating in Nature

Ch16 Concluding

After retiring early from tecahing disillusioned with careerism and profiteering, I began to express that disillusion through Matriellezí "Educating in Nature". I began by looking for a Vision. This book is not meant to be rigorous, rigour belongs to the educationalists who are trying to implement. In searching for a vision I was looking beyond the restrictive issues raised in staff training, maybe towards the theorists in the teacher education colleges who are not simply contributing to the conditioning.

Beginning that search for vision it was necessary to expunge all the frustrations that a genuine teacher has to feel when compromised by the current education system. Through that expression I developed the 4 themes of corporate paradigm, quality portfolio, natural development and autonomous mastery (wifi classroom now excluded), and initially I saw these themes as connected to vision. However the book stalled at the end of the first part because these were not vision.

But the Matriellez Vision did materialise maybe 3 years ago when it became clear to me that the vision was not directly concerned with these themes but with awakening. Any vision for education must include some connection with life and adulthood. With the corporate paradigm there is a clear connection, the purpose of education is to provide people willing one way or another to work within our corporate society. But limiting vision to making profits for the few is not very educational. The Matriellez Vision is that the education system needs to provide a platform for adults who mature and want to follow their paths. In the second part I began with the protective vision of #NatureCompassionDecency. But then through understanding conditioning examined the four themes so that natural development and autonomous mastery could provide the educational tools to achieve the Matriellez Vision of adults maturing and following their paths.