In the end I did not focus on looking at the difference between Intelligence and intellect, however if we look at this diagram:-

we can see there is much a human is capable of that is beyond artificial reproduction.

Enclosed within the three human rectangles are compassion, intelligence and faculties in common with the computer - except for what I have called Super Sense. Enclosed within the oval are computer abilities or artificial capabilities. There are two sections of the oval, on the left are those abilities in common with humans and on the right those abilities which are beyond human capabilities.

Where does our education system currently focus on? Within the oval. Yet how little is done to consider the human capabilities and how much potential is there?

Based on our focus in education it is not surprising that we have uneducated people claiming artillects can do all that humans can. Because our education system retricts human potential. What we have now is the opportunity in education to recognise the capabilities of humans - those beyond artificial reproduction, and focus our education system on these capabilities.

Where do we go next?