Hijack - UK Kids' behaviour

In truth the behaviour of UK kids in school is appalling.

And because of this behaviour the situation gets worse, and only helps the hijackers.

Without defending their appalling behaviour at all, it is quite easy to understand why most UK kids are the way they are in terms of the . How can they be successful when they go to school?

Education has been hijacked, but one essential part of the hijack is that the family of the hijackers don't suffer - one fundamental difference between a socialist and a capitalist is that the capitalist limits their compassion to their family whereas a socialist to varying degrees is not only committed to her/his family but to society in general. Usually the hijackers' family attends a private school thus ensuring qualifications if they study.

However qualifications being what they are on a level playing field can be obtained by all with ability. Although certain companies or organisations, such as the senior civil service, might be a closed shop subscribing to the public schools' old boys' network, many companies are not so exclusive accepting qualifications from all walks of life provided the face fits.

Traditionally this face is white, not exclusively so, but in the main. This is an institutional racism as opposed to some kind of naked ignorant "hate blacks or Asians". The phrase "Great White Brotherhood" can also be applied although women are allowed in the club more - but not completely. Basically this club wants its member to behave in a certain way, both in the business and socially. Whilst raking in the profits during the day the traditional face-fitting system needs to have confidence that nothing will rock the boat. Therefore it plays safe with its employment practices.

So the education has been hijacked to ensure that society remains geared towards consumerist profiteering as opposed to some kind of self-realisation, yet this cannot be publicly admitted in a liberal society like the UK. So we have a comprehensive system where all parents and students are told that they can obtain qualifications. Whilst parents never fully subscribe to this approach, they have little choice in the matter so for their children's sake many become vehement advocates for the system. And the children are left knowing that they go to school to get qualifications it is not possible for them to obtain, and then they go home and get it in the neck.

More recently fewer and fewer parents are advocating the system as they know the system is failing their students. Sadly they then blame the front end of the system - the intended target, the teacher, and as usual in such circumstances the system has determined a strategy of division ensuring that the children in private schools gain the qualifications.

Increasingly over the last half-century many UK schools have become multi-racial, and in many such schools the non-whites were initially the ones most likely to succeed. Firstly in the 60s and 70s Afro-Caribbean students were most likely to be successful as their parents came to the UK specifically to educate their children. Through ongoing policies of negative expectation, identification of all Afro-Caribbean students with the worst element, unemployment practices that excluded these students from the job market even if they had qualifications, and housing policies that placed all Afro-Caribbean peoples together whatever their class and culture, most black people were turned into an underclass. Over the years some of these people have managed some form of acceptance, and some students' faces are beginning to fit but it is taking a long time.

In the 70s when the system was creating the problems mainly for the Afro-Caribbean students, the Asian students were often serious with their studies and were able to be successful despite the disruptions. It was often analysed by educationalists along the lines of what did the Afro-Caribbean culture lack that Asian culture didn't. When you view the way Asian students are now behaving in schools, it is quite clear that they are now being attacked by an institutionally-racist system producing results in their behaviour and qualifications equivalent to what happened to the Afro-Caribbean students in the 70s.

For years the education system ensured that working-class white students were sufficiently aware that there were certain jobs they could aspire to, and few tried to cross over. So now UK schools containing white working-class, Afro-Caribbean and Asian students ensure that the majority of these students can never obtain the qualifications that will allow them to be the financial successes that the system is geared towards.

Although a few make it through the system, most see financial reward in less redeeming activities. Part-time work interferes all the way through with the good students whose study time is taken up earning money rather than learning. But other intelligent students realise that they have more chance of success in a life of crime. From very early on in the schools, those with money demonstrate their wealth through fashion, and are often imitated by their peers and younger. Paying for such items is not within the budgets of the majority of families so if the students cannot find sufficient part-time work crime is the only alternative. This crime is significant because it introduces a drug culture into the schools. Firstly the crime is primarily drug-related feeding the habits of the wealthy rich, and the habits of the criminal suppliers themselves. Weaning youngsters onto these drugs primarily takes place in the schools where the drug-takers have become role models. Equally as sinister has become the bullying. Traditionally bullying made a "man of you", now bullying is a significant source for the purchase of drugs. Gangsters go to school to bully and get money for their evening fix, and good students are forced to become their target in the school playgrounds; government truancy policies support this forcing good students back into the melee. An ex-student told me that his father gave him two sets of money each day, one to pay the drug-users and one to pay for his food. How can truancy law force students back into this criminal environment and how can parents be fined for failing to support the criminalisation process?

When such bullying issues are raised with school administrations, they deny any form of gang involvement or that the school is a significant source of drug money or gang recruitment. The matter is dismissed claiming that it is the environment the students live in. Is it any wonder schools become places of failure and why some good students become truants?

When people analyse the state of UK schools they see an accumulation of insoluble problems, and when the government determines blame they point to teachers and disruptive students. They don't examine the truth of the hijack, that these schools have become that way to ensure the continuation of the current status quo of UK society. Part of the conditioning of the British public is that however bad their society is, it is still the best in the world; and however much there is corruption and sexual misconduct they can never be as bad as Thaksin. Yet the government reinforces the system of financial advantage to the detriment of the majority of her citizens. As these citizens have been disenfranchised within the system, they accept the excuses that it is the fault of the teachers or disruptive students that no government can control.

Obviously pressure needs to be brought to make governments accountable but that is unlikely to happen because of the disenfranchised electorate.

Without this democratic choice, the only possibility for achievement in this environment is an alliance between parents, teachers and students, an alliance that is based on an understanding of the hijack and the powerful causes of the hijack (not being the teachers).
The only way forward is for stern discipline based on understanding. There are so many excuses for the students not to behave, that is the way the hijnackers want it. The more excuses, the less chance of the wrong sort in the system. The only way to get round the hijackers is for students to be disciplined, but remember it is legitimatefor students to be angry with what happens at school - it is meant that way. Help them through it whilst being firm.

Students and parents work with the teachers, recognise that the school administrations have placed their own careers ahead of the interest of the students, and listen with your hearts to what you hear. Remember that all of these people have been brought up in the education industry in which words lead to money and career advancement. Look for those teachers whose words are genuine and work with them whole-heartedly.

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