Natural Path as Self-Realisation

Beginning this website I began by considering that the purpose of education is self-realisation, references to this might still exist. However there is no conflict between the Natural Path and Self-Realisation, in mind they effectively mean the same thing. However the Natural Path is perhaps more appropriate as there is less chance of the ego interpreting the Natural Path as its own whereas it would be easy to cloud judgement between ego and self.

Underwriting an acceptance of Natural Paths is a recognition that Nature has the answers. In other words if we live according to our natures, then we can exist in harmony with ourselves and with Nature. "if we live according to our natures", isn't that self-realisation? Simplistically if I know I am a teacher and I live as a teacher, is that not self realisation?

In teacher training we are shown the Latin root of education - leading out, and this is often spoken of as self-realisation. This becomes a kind of notional "there is a self in each of us that if we can live through it we will be happy". This principle of self has now been hijacked into "if we can accumulate lots of figures in the bank account we would be happy".

But what if we all lived in harmony with Nature? Harmony, isn't that happy? Nature has a role for its constituents. Look at the harmony that exists between species, there is a pecking order but harmony. Within Nature one species performs one role and another another. Yet somehow modern education does not say that humans fit in with this. Instead humanity appears to have the right to conquer Nature, damage the environment, eliminate species. Does humanity think it is separate from Nature?

Most people would answer no to that, but would not then jump to suggesting that we live in harmony. The Natural Path suggests harmony. Further the Natural Path suggests that if we all fit in with our own paths in that harmony then life on earth would be so much more pleasant - in tune with Nature - happy; finding that harmony - that path - is self-realisation. In most ways self-realisation and the Natural Path are synonymous.