Natural Path requires change

This is the most difficult and yet the most important to get right. How does an NPS educate for change?

Let me be perfectly honest, man well-intentioned teachers have in the past tried to use students as a political football. However that is nowhere near the extreme that post-1979 UK governments have done which is to turn the education system into one big football in which all the students have suffered.

Educating for change here means a recognition that if a student were to follow a Natural Path, then that student is going to meet conflict. In life we all meet conflict, that cannot be avoided but to actually educate so that students will enter into conflict is an idea that horrifies many western parents. They even baulk at the idea of their little darlings going out into the street without being wrapped in cotton wool.

That is head-in-the-sand. Firstly if society does not attempt to re-align itself with Nature, then eventually there will be more than conflict - there will be catastrophe. In the latter quarter of the twentieth century we barely avoided a nuclear war, resolved by a nuclear proliferation treaty that ensured power remained with the West. That power has now been used to create climate chaos, and a potential religious war where a religion is being identified with its extremists and countries in which that religion is dominant have been invaded.

If brinkmanship over climate change and over "War against Terror (Muslim)" manages to save us from a holocaust then the same powers will find some further excuse to promote its economy based on these needs for war and resources. Statements like this which I would term observational and empirically derivable are claimed to be political, and are not allowed within western education - a bias and indoctrination that helps maintain the current status quo - a ride into chaos.

People have to sensibly stand up against this - it is much better to have evolution than the alternatives, revolution or repression. Natural Path schools are concerned with Education for Evolution.

A Natural Path Education cannot stand against the prevailing system, if nothing else such an education would leave the children frustrated and angry and probably into refuge recreation such as drugs and alcohol. A Natural Path Education encourages students to stand up for Nature, not to stand against those who are against Nature. In such a small but important difference lies the success of such a programme. However Nature provides two tools that can help students to cope:-