Our Nature - School Identity

Problems exist in our society because of what is sometimes termed ownership. Explain vandalism. It is just so crazy that phones are vandalised - sure they profit phone companies but . vandalism hurts each other. People hurt so much they want to hurt each other meaninglessly. Such acts are extended into acts of war. How can people be hurting so much that they want to commit suicide and kill others? Whatever the politics these acts are unnatural, why do we want to hurt our own Nature?

Acts of vandalism occur in schools. Why? They are places of learning for those students as well. We have examined the hijack, and this explains it but is that enough? We need an identity of living and working together. How many people see life in their home and life out there as different? They are not able to identify and withdraw to the haven of their home. Because they cannot feel they are part of their society and because they feel they cannot influence their government, it is understandable why this happens. But it is sad. It is sad that as a species we are not able to be comfortable living and working together.

Natural Path Schools have to work hard to ensure that doesn't happen in the schools. Hopefully they can build up an identity in which our school works in the interests of our school community - parents, teachers and students.

Identity does not just happen, it needs to be worked for. It comes from people feeling they belong, that they are cared for, and that they matter. When we have previously talked of Natural Order and adult decision-making, western students will automatically claim this is not possible. This illustrates the problem of human ego that has been allowed to build up in the West. But we cannot ignore it just because that is true. To do this Natural Path School need to develop pastoral setups involving staff, older and younger students. These setups need to foster identity between school, staff and students. They need to foster decisiveness and responsibility as well as promoting the understanding of Natural Order. This pastoral setup will be the means of handling the Natural Path principles that are no covered in the curriculum.

It is important here to consider stress. If we promote the notion of identity and students leave the school expecting such identity then they are going to be damaged by the dishonesty and lack of integrity they will meet in society. This stress has to be considered as part of the curriculum although Nature has given us the tools to deal with this.