At the beginning of the exam you have exam nerves.

How many times do people tell you “Don't get nervous” or some other platitude. “Chill out, guy”. What's the use of that? If it was that easy you'd already be chill. You look around and everyone is chilling, laughing and joking. Why aren't they nervous? It makes you worse. Then the teacher come in laughing and joking - makes it that much worse.

Before you go in the exam room your HEAD IS ALREADY SPINNING.

And then you look at the paper and your favourite questions are not there, and the thoughts flash across your mind even more. Your HEAD IS SPINNING FASTER.

So when I say nervousness is a good sign, your first thought is “who is this Matriellez to say that?” And you want to go to a chat room.

First of all a bit of debunking. At the beginning of an exam EVERYONE IS NERVOUS (except those who are going to fail and don't care), just some appear to be coping better than others. It's a con, they are nervous as hell. If they weren't chattering and laughing and being so cool, their HEADS WOULD BE SPINNING. When they sit down, their heads will spin faster to catch up with yours.


So the next thing that happens is that some bright spark says “Calm down” - maybe even your teacher. Calm down, if you think I could calm down don't you think I would. So now you're angry as well at this bright spark, and the exam paper - why didn't the teacher teach that?


The trouble is there is only one answer to this:-


This is your first study skill - how to calm down?

And it is the most important study skill at all stages of learning - being calm. Adults, teachers, students, children must be calm before they can learn.

Goto Techniques for Calming Down