Revision is not fun even for good students. In lessons we are learning new stuff, good students enjoy that if they are not distracted by the many fools who destroy our classrooms .

But revision is not fun. Revision is a chore, and we do it because we want to pass our exams - get the qualification and get the job, the university, whatever .

At home you have chores to do. Do you get up and say great now I can do my chores?

You do them because your parents have taught you to be good and they have taught you to do your chores, not because you want to.

You do your revision because you have to, not because you want to.

Your parents might say to you, have you finished your revision? And you can answer - yes, will they know?

It is up to you to have self-discipline, and that is hard because all your life your family and teachers have disciplined you.

Remembering that we have to have self-discipline, the next thing to understand is how much work revision involves. Revision is huge because it is all your subjects.

The first thing we should try to do is to think how to make it smaller. If we have to learn new things, that makes revision bigger - spending time working out what we should know already takes up our mind power and means we don't have enough energy left to do the chores. So it is best to do the work when we first meet it in the lessons, this helps our revision. If we revise for tests properly then it makes it easier to revise for exams.

It is easier to remember things we knew already - it is just like topping up. If we have learnt the stuff already in lessons, if we have learnt the stuff already for the topic test then revision for the exam is so much easier.

It is like the dishes. If you let the dishes build up in the sink, then it is far harder to do them than it is doing just a few at a time. Revision is a chore , try to make it easier .

So now that you know how to make revision as small as possible , the next thing to look at is:-

How to help with the self-discipline

If you don't do your chores your Mum tells you off, but in revision no-one but you knows if you have done it. Many times parents have told me that their child is in the room studying. Are they? It is not your parents' fault if you are in your room listening to music and dreaming. Or playing with the computer?

Are you a computer addict? If you are not using the computer for studying, give your parents the mouse. If you are always chatting, switch the computer off. If you play games, don't - switch off the machine. But best of all, if you don't need the computer for revising, give your parents the mouse and switch it off.

Mobile phones:- Do you text? Don't. Do your friends phone you? Switch it off. Or give your Mum the sim card while you are studying?

Music, TV, computers, mobile phones - these are all distractions. When you are revising there should be no distractions - only use these during breaks.

We should be self-disciplined but we are human. Get rid of those distractions.

"I will revise when I feel like it."

This is a recipe for disaster. Do you ever feel like doing your chores?

No, you do them because you know you have to or because your Mum is on your case. You never really feel like doing chores.

You never feel like doing revision.

Sometimes you will feel guilty if you haven't done enough, but if you wait until you want to revise you will never do enough work.

So make a Revision timetable

And stick to it.