During the exam what happens?

You start a question and you get stuck. Each subject has their own Exam Tips and Tricks (links on this page), but let's talk generally first:-

YOUR MIND WANDERS What HAS she got on?
How can that teacher wear that?
I can smell the tobacco on him.
What are those ear-rings?
I like those piercings and so on .

These are rubbish comments at the best of times, but in the middle of an exam they are totally pointless. Worse, they take up time.

Does your mind go like this in an exam? What kind of things does it think about? Make a list. Think about your last exam or test, what rubbish were you thinking about? Make a list and keep it.

These are DISTRACTIONS, and you don't need them in an exam. You want to STAY FOCUSSED.
Of course I want to stay focussed but that is not easy. I'm tired, I've been studying all night. I can't do this question and I should know it but . and she is wearing that dress. She can't wear it, it's too short, doesn't suit her, she only does it for that boy

And off we go again, STAY FOCUSSED.
OK, how?

You remember that list. Look at it now. What's on it? These are your SIGNPOSTS.

If you see one of your signposts DO NOT STRESS. GENTLY bring your mind back to the exam question. And when the mind wanders again. DO NOT STRESS. GENTLY bring your mind back to the question.

Students make a big thing about not being focussed in an exam. Be calm! It is natural for the mind to wander. When you realise it has wandered, just gently bring it back.

Now you are ready to start the exam in your subject area.