Educating in Nature

Ch 00 Preface

Far from it being a "How to" for the classroom this book is about that appalling word - Vision. There is a major difference, and that difference is a huge danger in terms of practical education because there is so much work that needs to be done to turn this Vision into a reality.

Through this journey I begin by developing 4 major themes as a Vision for the education future, understanding the framework of the corporate paradigm, pedagogy and assessment through a classroom of autonomous mastery using the processes of the quality portfolio, and then recognising that human development follows natural law. Having worked in education I have seen so much knee-jerk policy implementation that if this approach has merit then some policy-maker could hold this book up and say "education panacea", throw it at the schools and say to the teachers "get on with it". Such implementation cannot possibly work but the policy-maker would be able to blame the teachers. My apologies in advance for the chaos if such happened.

A vision is what it is meant to me. I could imagine this vision working, it could work. But will it work with all the forces of the paradigm working against it? A vision is also what is needed in education, there is nothing in the practice manuals of education and the innumerable policy documents which is a vision of what education of our children should be. There is however a plethora of tinkering, idealistic, venture philanthropy, and knee jerk hopes for the future such as implementation of technology without thought for the support of educational theory. Education is a juggernaut careering from one politicalor careerist manipulation to another, pulled here and there by business interest with the ensured profits of state funding. The juggernaut is out of control and needs reigning in by a sound education footing. This is a vision that could supply that footing, but if it ever sees the light of day it is so dangerous in the hands of these politicians and their controllers. Whilst I need to write this, this fear holds me back, but it is done with a love that is needed to be the catalyst for education practice.