Educating in Nature

Ch 0 Introduction

Where to start? I could write about what is wrong with education, the way it has been hijacked by 1%, institution and career, the way it lacks any model or purpose and seesaws from one particular political manipulation to another. That could be meaningful but isn't it important to describe what education should really be about? For me this is the correct emphasis so through personal experience and understanding I will try to develop an educational model that would be of use. This is a personal journey that will avoid so-called academic integrity which would bleach the soul out of what is needed in education.

How can you talk about education in the West without talking primarily about the appalling behaviour of our children in schools? Why not compare the behaviour of these western children with children elsewhere who are poor, starving, sometimes travel for miles to schools, whose teachers can sometimes be limited, yet with children whose minds are still fresh enough to learn what is offered without destructive questioning - but with enquiry? No journey through education that has integrity can possibly avoid this issue, yet throughout the West this behaviour is blamed on teachers. And yet because of neo-colonialism this prevailing western "model" is what is sought throughout the world - how obtuse - how absurd.

To talk about education in the world today one can objectively only be negative, it is in such a mess. But I hope through this journey to be positive, to learn from where is positive and present an approach through this positivism that can form a core of where education could go if finance and institutional pressures were to allow it.