Quality is a very important concept in life, and it is particularly so when considering quality education. In this study module I shall be investigating quality from a philosophical perspective, and then examining education based on this perspective.

To begin in section 2 I have developed the philosophical concepts of quality by considering the research paradigm. Further I developed ideas from sources such as Pirsig, Krishnamurti, Schon, The Way of the Ronin etc. In section 3 I have restrcutured these under the headings I put forward in the Proposals for the Independent Study Module (Appendix A). These headings are:-

  1. To determine an understanding of Quality
  2. To determine processes that can lead to quality
  3. To determine whether these processes are applicable to quality education
  4. To determine how we can achieve quality education

Now that I have developed approaches to show how quality education can be achieved, in section 4 I want to compare this achievement of quality education with the application of quality systems in UK education under the headings:-

  1. To determine an understanding of how quality systems have been introduced into schools
  2. To determine the relationship between the quality education I established and the quality systems that have been introduced

Finally I will summarise the study module in the conclusion in section 5.

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