To start a maths problem you need to have an insight as to where to begin.

I am going to try to help you with FINDING AN INSIGHT for maths problem solving. This can be applied at home and during exams.

1) Immerse yourself in the problem
a) Feel the problem - read the question to get an overview.
b) Detailed reading - study the question step-by-step. DO NOT WORRY IF THERE ARE PARTS OF THE QUESTION YOU CANNOT DO.
c) Do you recognise the question? Have you done one like it before? Yes, goforit.

2) No, list the topic areas the question refers to.
3) List all the information in the question - Initial Conditions.

4) Now do you recognise the question? Have you done one like it before?

a) Yes, can you begin? Goforit.
b) No, what is the difference? Write down the difference and think about it. Does that help?

5) No, don't worry. Now you need to FIND AN INSIGHT.

Close your eyes. YOUR HEAD IS SPINNING.
I know this one. Why can't I start? Exams, I hate exams. This always happens. I've always done my work, I come to the exam and I can never do it. And that lazy fool - choose your own name - always does well.

QUIETLY STOP YOUR HEAD SPINNING. Do the EXAM BREATH a few times, and calm down. If you are practiced your mind will stop spinning quickly. Ignore the question and calm your mind.

Are you calm? Now think about the question, and look at the initial conditions. Do you have an insight in how to start?

Yes, goforit.

6) No, go on to the next question. Don't waste any more time. If you have calmed your mind the next question will be easier.

7) Don't forget about the question, COME BACK TO IT LATER. When you can't do any other questions come back to this one, quite often the insight will come.

Summary steps
Immerse Topic Area Write information Recognise and solve Find Insight Stuck, next question Go back

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