If you have finished with calming and other questions, then go to read about how to start the exam?

More about calming methods.

The Exam Breath is a meditation technique.

Meditation can help you calm down with exams -
the Exam Breath.

But meditation can also help you with solving problems - Finding that Insight

Warning to Students:-

Meditation techniques are often associated with Buddhism and Hinduism, and meditation is a very important part of both those religions. Meditation is also used in some Christian monasteries as well as in Islam.

If you wish to find out more, please discuss this with your parents first.

"I am not trying to get you to follow a religion."

If you have reached here and not read about starting the exam then I would recommend you do that now.

How to start the exam?

When the forum is running there will be a meditation section, you can discuss it there. Study Skills Forum

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